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There are so many mascaras on the market these days, it’s impossible to know which ones really work and who has the time to try them all? That’s what we’re here for! We’ve bought and tried countless mascaras over the past several months and have arrived at the four below as our true favorites. Whether it’s a day or night-time look you are going for, an event or just a grocery store run, one of these four mascaras is sure to get the job done. Our reviews below…


  1. Trish McEvoy High Volume Tubular Mascara: One of the best when it comes to tubular mascaras. We love this for every day as it is light weight and won’t weigh down your lashes. It also lengthens and adds volume by wrapping each lash in a “tube” that slides cleanly off with only warm water. We’ve experienced no streaks, tear tracks or racoon eyes with this product. Loved by Lindsey and Allison.

  2. Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara by Too Faced: This will give you that dramatic, voluminous 80’s lash - think Marilyn Monroe or Julia Roberts. Laura likes a little bit of a clumpy mascara as it just adds more pop. She’s tried the un-waterproof counterpart and this one is better as there is no smearing or tear streaks. Loved by Laura.

  3. Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Waterproof Mascara in Very Black: Gretchen has been using this mascara for over 10 years. The waterproof factor is huge for no smudging, and it is her go-to for evening or an event when she wants her mascara to last and hold. Also note the “Very Black” color. Gretchen has blonde lashes and this color adds so much pop! This will not clump and doesn’t add a ton of mascara to your eyes but it does add drama and volume. It really is full and soft - just like the packaging says! Loved by Gretchen.

  4. Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara: This mascara is an award winner and we all agree. Another tubular mascara, it comes off easily with warm water, just like the Trish. This is our other go-to look for daytime, as it is a “clean” mascara and provides beautiful, darkened lashes for long periods of time with no streaking or running. This mascara is a bit heavier on the lash than the Trish brand but we still love it. There is a certain weight to the bottle that feels good in your hand as well. Loved by Gretchen, Lindsey & Allison.

Gretchen’s Evening Eye Make-Up Tutorial


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in “Light” - I know this is Maybelline and not “clean” but I love it! It conceals really well and blends so nicely into my skin. I’ve tried clean concealers and they don’t seem to do the job! I use this beautyblender sponge to blend under my eyes and to cover any dark circles and it works well getting into the corners of my eyelids.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder - I use this to “set” my concealer immediately after putting it on. I use this setting brush to blend the powder into wherever I have put the concealer.

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in "Buttercream" - I start with this eyeshadow to create a clean “canvas” before I put any color on my lids. I put it from lid to brow and it just neutralizes any redness or color on the lids before you apply eyeshadow.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in "Amethyst" - I love these because they are just easy, fool proof and no fuss. I put it on my lid and use my finger to blend. They wear well and are truly so easy to apply. There are so many colors to choose from!

Beautycounter Golden Hour All-In-One Eyeshadow Palette - After the caviar stick I use a light eyeshadow from my crease up to my eyebrow to highlight my eye and blend the shadow a bit. I create an “ombre” effect of light to dark from my brow down to my lid. My exact palette is not available anymore but also I love this palette and all the colors. They are blendable and easy to use. Plus, clean beauty is always a bonus!

Rimmel Waterproof Eyeliner in “Starlit Black" - Any time I wear mascara, I line my upper waterline and lid line with this because it helps compliment the mascara and make my eyes pop on the top. If you’ve never lined your waterlines, you must try it! It’s a game changer. I love the Starlit Black color because it has a little bit of sparkle with it, which is fun and doesn’t make you look like your 12.

Tarte Fake Awake Eyeliner in "Beige" - I line my lower waterline with this nude pencil because I tend to run “red.” I have allergies and can sometimes have red rimmed eyes and this completely neutralizes any redness, which I love!

Jane Iredale Eyebrow Pencil - This is nothing fancy, I just happen to like it. It has a brush on one side and a pencil on the other. I don’t like a major brow - so I just use this to lightly fill in any bare areas without darkening them too much.

Beautycounter Brilliant Eyebrow Gel in “Invisible” - I use this product EVERY day, regardless of if I’m wearing mascara or not. I love it because it keeps your eyebrows in place and just helps to keep everything in check.

Laura Mercier Brightening Powder - This is my last step. I like my under eyes to feel bright. This gives you a really good finished, brightened look. I put it right under my eyes and I feel like it makes my eyes pop.

*The brushes I use are by Real Techniques and I love them. I use this eyeshadow brush set and this setting brush to lock in my concealer.



— JTI Community Member



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