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Best of 2022: Our Favorite Products of the Year

Here are the products we found noteworthy in 2022. As usual, we sat around a table and obsessively discussed each one - until all three of us agreed that this item belonged on the list. Whether it's kitchen, beauty or fashion, these 14 things will bring value, joy and hopefully make your day better or brighter, as they have ours.

1. Loops Beauty Masks: By far our favorite sheet mask - and we've tried a lot. They are made in South Korea, dermatologist approved and fit any and all faces due to the "2-part" mask design. There is a mask for every skin need. We love these! Use code JTI20 for 20% off.

2. Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro: If you're a toaster oven person, this is the one. Allison, who loves to cook says this is the best purchase for her kitchen she's ever made. Our followers echo that sentiment.

3. oHHo Full Spectrum CBD Recovery Balm: We love everything this brand puts out - but this product is exceptional. A sort of cure-all balm best for pain, joints and irritable skin. We've tried it on shoulders, backs, knees, feet as well as massaged it into our kids legs when they complain of growing pains (no, it won't make you or your kids high!) In all cases - it provides relief and WORKS. USE CODE JTI20 for 20% off.

4. The Richer Poorer Rustic Cotton Blazer: This blazer was love at first try on. The slightly stretchy fabric moves with you and doesn't wrinkle yet also looks polished and sophisticated. This workhorse of a piece layers beautifully over a dress, with jeans and a t-shirt and even with jean shorts when the weather allows. All three of us own, love and wear all.the.time. Use CODE JUSTTRYIT20 for 20% off.

5. COOLA Sun Silk Drops: Laura's favorite beauty product find of 2022 - these silky drops not only contain spf, but properties that protect your skin from the aging effects of blue light and pollution. While we are all investing in blue light glasses to help our eyes - our skin needs protection as well. She presses a few drops of these into skin each morning after serums and before sunscreen.

6. Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm: This is one of Gretchen's top picks from 2022, and she uses it every day. It's a multi-purpose, light-reflecting "balm" that is patted on to enhance skin tone and create an overall beautiful glow. Gretchen taps it gently into her cheekbones and eyelids for an extra shimmer.

7. Wild Rye Baking Almond Flour Pancakes: Again, here is a brand where we love everything they put out, but if we had to choose one thing...these almond pancakes are them. They are .gluten free, low in sugar, high in nutrients and insanely delicious. They also make great waffles - and gifts. Just buy a few boxes and call it day already. Use CODE JTI15 for 15% off.

8. The Soma T-Shirt Bra: An Allison find, this bra does everything a good t-shirt bra should - acts like a second skin while smoothing and holding everything in place. Each of us own at least two.

9. Gap High Rise Cheeky Straight Jeans: Such a flattering jean for the 40+ set, plus the price point is amazing. The booty feels lifted and sucked in, the waist hits in the perfect spot, and the crop is also spot on. Looks great on all 3 of our body types.

10. Paya Health Superior Skin Gummies: Gummies that contain retinol and biotin and help to reduce blemishes, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Retinol you eat you ask? Turns out its totally safe (we checked). We've noticed firmer, healthier looking skin and they also taste delicious! 10% off baked into our link!

11. The Light Salon Boost LED Mask: Possibly the top product of 2022 for us. This is the holy grail of red light masks. Yes, it works. And yes, it is worth the $$$. We wear daily for 10 minutes and notice firmer, smoother and glowing skin. We can tell a difference when we DON'T use it. It's lightweight and awesome for travel as well. A must try!

12. Silver & Sage Mala Bracelet: These mala bead bracelets are as significant as they are beautiful. Each stone used carries various healing, guiding and grounding properties. We love these for ourselves as a gentle reminder to stay present, as well as for gifts for someone who may be going through a tough time. Currently 30% off with CODE 2022.

13. Agolde Parker Long Short: The perfect jean short for the 40+ over set. Because, duh. Shorts in your 40s in general are few and far between. These are not too short and flattering in the booty region. All 3 of us own and love.

14. Bala 1lb. Weights: Wrap these around your ankles or cuff around the palms for one subtle but important pound of resistance work. We love these for pilates-type workouts or cuffed around the palms and punching the sky on a long walk - especially on the beach. Also great to travel with. Use CODE JTI15 for 15% off.


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