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GTI Cult Favorites

The Best of What We've Tried

The goal here at Gotta Try It is to try all the things so you don't have to - then we report back on what we truly consider to be the best in its class. The list below, even though it is still in progress, is our "Guide to All Things Good." You can be sure that, if it's listed here, it is a good product. As in, all three of us love it, use it, buy it on repeat and give it as gifts or tell our friends about it. Many times our followers ask us "What mascara do you recommend?" or, "What is the best foundation?" All of the "bests" can be found below. Do, instead of searching for the best "mascara" or "sunscreen," go do something fun with your time and leave the hunting to us! We hope you love these items as much as we do!

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