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Easy Southwest Chopped Salad

This 5 minute salad is perfect when you have little to no time but you're craving something crisp and healthy. We love a little help in the kitchen and a good bagged salad does just that! Also for this salad: JTI Pro Tip - ditch the bagged salad dressing and use the one we suggest below. It's so good! Now throw it all together and move on with your busy day.

Serves 4ish


• Bag of your favorite Southwest Chopped Salad (most markets have a version, this one is from Safeway...Traders has one too) • Brown or Jasmine rice (we use the frozen packs from Trader Joes) • Protein of choice (think shredded rotisserie or ground turkey meat seasoned with a taco packet) • avocado • hemp seeds for additional protein (optional) • Bolthouse Farms Cilantro Avocado Yogurt Dressing (the best on this salad!) • salt to taste


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