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The red lights have been on over here at JTI for a while now. All three of us are light therapy devotees and we’re finally telling you all about them now that they are tried and true.

It started with Gretchen’s quest to find an effective treatment for her face that wasn’t a peel or laser. Her skin is highly allergic and reactive, so she is always searching for alternative anti-aging therapies. Fortunately for all of us and all of you, wins for one turn into wins for everyone!



Gretchen learned about red light therapy and its benefits to the skin the hard way last summer. Unfortunately, she had a pretty awful bike fall. She was okay, but It wasn’t pretty. She was banged up. Her face, arms and left shoulder took a beating. At the time, she was not wearing a helmet, which she soon purchased post accident.

Always wear a helmet when biking!

We’d be remiss not to slide in that very important PSA. But back to the red light. Post bike fall, she was looking for any remedy that would help her heal and prevent scarring. Interestingly, her neighbor and friend mentioned she should look into red light therapy. She was open to anything that could help reduce scarring. He kindly informed her he actually owned a red light panel and invited her over to try it. He had invested in one after experiencing the health benefits of it himself. She took his advice and began standing in front of his red light panel (located in their pool house) daily while her skin was healing.

After a few treatments, she noticed that her skin was in fact healing but in addition, she was also sleeping better and felt a noticable difference in her mood. She felt happier in a general sense and just more “balanced” mentally. After consistently using red light for a few weeks, her healing was remarkable.


After seeing and hearing about Gretchen’s experience, Allison and Laura wanted a piece also. Gretchen’s neighbor owned a Joovv panel, but they are an investment. If you are not ready to purchase one yet, there are places around town that have them for use. We stand in front of Joovv panels when we have our lymphatic massage treatments. We have found that it creates a welcomed “plumping” effect and helps with discoloration in our skin.

We also see a big difference in our overall mood and sleeping patterns with regular red light use, as it has positive effects on your circadian rhythm. Laura was so taken with the treatment that she was gifted a panel this past Christmas and has it at her home. She plans on purchasing additional panels over time as they’re an investment and not inexpensive. Laura stands in front of the red light panel each night before bedtime and swears she sleeps like a baby.

There’s a science behind red light and it’s fascinating. So fascinating that NASA has been using red light therapy for years and years. We’ll try and follow just about any regime they use to optimize the health of their astronauts regardless of the fact that we’re not planning on taking off in a rocket anytime soon. Our feet are planted firmly here on earth but we still love the idea of treating our bodies to a dose of something so effective that our space explorers use it on the regular. Beam us front of the red light please!

It’s calming, improves your mood, increases collagen and works at a cellular level to give your body one of the best boosts. We’re into red light and encourage you to Just Try It.

Learn more by checking out the Joovv website, below. Use code JTI50 for $50 off any order!


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