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We’ve all experienced the afternoon slump. Lately, the mid-afternoon happy hour has moved up. And we’re certainly not above an early afternoon libation! But if you need to get a few more things done and would rather delay the happy hour or even go cold turkey for a day, we have the drink for you.

Gretchen has always talked about her love for a specific cold brew. She’s a total devotee. Allison recently jumped on the bandwagon. We can only assume it’s a matter of time until the four of us will be sipping in sync.

So, without further adieu...let us introduce you to the Java House Cold Brew Concentrate Liquid Pods in “Coconut Caramel Crunch.” These little babies are so delicious but most importantly, convenient! They are available at Safeway and Amazon. Click links below to shop our favorites when making this easy iced coffee.


  1. Fill your glass with ice. We love these fun Mason Jar Mugs coupled with Hummingbird Glass Straws for sipping.

  2. Take a single pod, open and pour. You can buy them here. Important tip! There is a big box that looks very similar but it is not the concentrated pods, it is actually regular coffee. Make SURE you are buying the Cold Brew Concentrate Pods in the little box. : )

  3. Fill to the top with water

  4. Add your favorite milk, cream or even some sweetener to taste. Gretchen adds chocolate for a little sweet treat and Allison likes to add Stevia. Cheers!



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