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We’ll always try our best to give credit where credit is due. We owe Serena Wolf,author, talented chef and blogger,a shout out. “Thank you” for leading us to Melissa Wood Health. Quick left turn…if you’re into cooking delicious meals that are good for you, (pre-order her newest cookbook “Dude Diet Dinnertime”) rolling skin care talk and a little anxiety managing talk sprinkled in...put @serenawolf into your Insta scrolling pleasure. We love her.

Back to it. Melissa Wood is not only a refreshingly real and authentic follow, her website and “method” offer an abundance of health and wellness tips, as well as numerous workouts of varying difficulty. And the price point is on point. You can subscribe to her monthly workouts for $9.99 per month. That’s right. For less than $10 a month you get access to a rotating group of workouts done by Melissa herself, posted every Monday. There’s also a group of workouts that remain on the site ranging anywhere from 14 to 45 minutes, a variety of treadmill workouts, pre-natal workouts and some guided meditation thrown in for the days when you need a quick reset. You guys, that’s working out as much as you want in one month from wherever you are for less than what one class at your local yoga, spin or barre studio charges. Talk about a value. AND...the workouts are truly effective.

Melissa talks about long, lean lines and that’s exactly what each session targets. Even if you only have time for a 14 minute sweat, you’ll feel it! You can do the workouts with nothing more than your own body weight. You, a mat or towel and Melissa on your screen is all you really need. She does have a list of optional equipment linked if you’d like to order, and of course we did. Her 1 lb. Bala wrist/ankle weights (pictured below) are amazing (we all own, love and use) bands and a Pilates circle will help intensify the workouts.

We know it’s fall and we don’t have beach bodies on our minds, but you know what they say...strong, summer bodies are made in the winter. Melissa Wood will get you feeling mindful and healthy from the inside out wherever and whenever it works for you! She offers a 5 day free trial for those who are curious. Just try it. Check it all out here.



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