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You might be asking, “Where did spring go!?” At least that’s what we’re saying here in sunny Arizona. Spring blew by while we were all inside. Yes, we took advantage of the perfect weather weeks and got outside when we could, but this coming weekend marks our first triple digit day. And so…let the summer games begin.

Actually, those have been canceled too. Sigh. But regardless of what part of the country we are in or what we’re all doing, warm weather is on the horizon. Hopefully you can take that trip you have planned. But if not...going to the park, hanging by the pool and making the best of the warmth to come is something we’ll all be doing.

Whether it be our favorite sunscreen, a certain pool toy that was a major hit with our kids, or the bathing suit we keep reaching for, these items are sure to pull through for you when the sun is here to stay. Click images to shop!


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