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We know youʼve heard. The craze has caught and the stalk has had a moment. Weʼre talking the mighty celery juice wave that has swept the country. This arguably boring, bitter-tasting leafy green veggie has been flying off the shelves in trendy neighborhood grocery stores. The question is, who really likes celery and why is everyone obsessing over it?

Flash forward to Anthony William, formally known as the Medical Medium and originator of the global celery juice movement (follow him on Insta @medicalmedium or read his book “Celery Juice” to dive really deep). We read the reviews with skepticism. Promises of increased energy, gut healing, lifted brain fog and radiant skin, along with several other benefits left us intruigued. Each of us tried it for 30 days, drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach, as experts say is the most effective. We then followed it with a regular day of eating as we normally would. Some of us bought it pre-bottled from local juice companies. Some of us juiced it at home. And guess what? It packed a pretty powerful punch.

Our reviews below:


It’s definitely an effort to juice it and costs $$$ to buy it, but totally worth it in my opinion. I hate the taste of celery so powered through my 16 oz. of it every morning like I was beer-bonging back in college. I experienced pretty bad stomach pains from it at first (it felt like a huge brick in my stomach) so I decided to sip it instead. That helped tremendously! I immediately began to notice less bloating, water retention and had tons of energy that lasted throughout the 30 days. I’m now continuing to drink it on and off even though the 30-day period is over because I just feel so healthy when I do.


I could immediately tell a difference in my energy level after the first day or two drinking celery juice. I had zero afternoon slump. My need for a morning coffee was gone. I would even go so far to say that my overall energy level was higher than normal. After a few weeks, I could tell my skin had a glow and was clear. It was like it was ultra-hydrated. I had zero negative effects. While I might take breaks from drinking celery juice, it will always be something that I come back to again to regulate my body.


I love celery juice! I felt it helped me in so many ways. Since drinking 16 ounces every morning on an empty stomach for 30 days (minus coffee...eeek hope that’s not totally cheating) my energy has tripled and the brain fog that I suffered from on almost a daily basis is totally gone, which is absolutely amazing. The first day I drank it I felt a difference within an hour. I felt almost an immediate increase in energy. By the third day, I was waking up feeling clear-headed and ready to start my day at 6:30 a.m., when my kids were waking up. I am not a doctor and I couldn’t tell you what scientifically happened in my body to make me feel so great during this 30 day cleanse, but I do know this: Anthony Williams claims that celery juice “is the most powerful medicine of our time, healing millions worldwide.” And I’ll tell you what: I’m all ears.



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