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Allison's Nightly Bath Routine & Essentials

Allison loves her nightly bath. And when she says “nightly,” that’s zero exaggeration. She truly takes a bath each night no matter the time. And for anyone out there that’s not a bath person…she wasn’t always one either! One of her best friends finally convinced her that she had to give the nightly bath a chance. The friend claimed it would be life changing. Life changing? Allison listened and just tried it. She‘s been soaking ever since.

Let Her Explain

The minute she steps into the as hot as you can handle water she’s in her cocoon. It’s her time to truly relax, unwind and set herself up for a good night’s sleep. She’s created quite a ritual and has her essentials. Before we share them with you…here are a few scientifically proven benefits to taking a bath:

  • Bathing can improve heart health: A warm bath will make your heart beat faster giving you a healthy workout.

  • A bath may help you breathe easier: Immersing in water past your chest with your head out can have a good influence on lung capacity and oxygen intake.

  • Your brain and nervous system can benefit from bathing: Submergence in water can reduce pain and inflammation and calm the nervous system.

  • Bathing can benefit your muscles, joints and bones: This is more of a pool related benefit but by all means…give yourself a nice stretch under water for a low-impact benefit.

  • Improve your blood and immunity with a bath: A warm bath improves blood flow and makes it more oxygenated. A hot bath can kill bacteria and improve immunity.

  • Balance your hormones by bathing: Warm water bathing can increase serotonin levels which is the chemical in our brain connected with happiness and well being.

  • Bathing cleanses and moisturizes skin/hair/eyes: Ensure hydration of the body through bathing and enhance by adding oils or salts.

  • Optimize your core body temperature through bathing: There’s no quicker way to regulate your body temperature than through bathing/water. On a cold day, warm up by taking a hot bath. On a hot day, cool down in the ocean or with a cool bath.

Allison’s Bath Essentials:

1. Sometimes it’s a salts bath and sometimes it’s a bubble bath. Cast of Stones bath salts are Allison’s favorite and she loves the Dr. Teal's Lavender Foaming Bath for bubbles. For a special treat, every few days Allison uses 1/2 of this CBD Bath Bomb to hydrate, relax and restore.

2. She washes her face during her bath and loves First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Facial Cleanser.

3. A candle is a must and if she has her ultimate pick it’s a Jenni Kayne candle.

4. Two to three nights a week she’ll do a hair treatment and her favorite is the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Mask.

5. Her body cleanser of choice is the Ouai Body Cleanser. The smell is beyond wonderful.

6. It’s not always a shampoo and conditioner night but when it is, she’s loving her hair stylist’s recommendation of the L'Oreal Vitamino. It’s an excellent choice for color-treated hair.

7. A bath caddy is an absolute must! Allison had tried a bamboo version but recently switched it out for this West Elm Metal Caddy (currently on sale!) and loves it. It comes in five finishes to match your plumbing for a perfectly styled bathroom.


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