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Allison's 4 Ingredient Italian Champagne Cocktail

Allison recently tried this refreshing vodka and champagne cocktail at a friend's house and immediately came home to recreate. It's easy, quick and perfect for any summer gathering!


• 1 tsp sugar (Allison used 1/2 tsp) • 1 tbsp Campari • 1 tbsp Vodka • Chilled Champagne of your choice • ice (optional...but we like it with ice)


1. Add sugar to your favorite champagne flute or wine glass.

2. Add Campari, vodka and then champagne.

3. Sip or add ice for a more chilled cocktail experience.

JTI Pro Tip: Not drinking the whole bottle of champagne in one sitting? No problem. Drip in a spoon (stem side down) to keep the bottle fresh and the bubbles lasting for a day or two more!



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